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Tips for Safe, Efficient, Practical and Smart Travel: be a Professional Traveller

I have lived in six different countries for a few years on each and I hold four different passports, I have visited more than 90 countries and in this book I have condensed decades of experience travelling, this book will save you plenty of time, headaches, will make you travel like a smooth professional, because I am giving you all the recipes I built and collected over hundreds of cities, trips, and years.

All yours for a fraction of the money and time it will save you.

📖 About a hundred pages of succinct refined content 🤯

(e-book in PDF format, EPUB soon)

Some of the topics

Before Travelling, Passports and Visas, On multiple passports and visas.

Travel insurance, Government Recommendations, Seasonal events, including weather

Planning and Booking; The golden rule for trips up to two weeks or three destinations; The “book as you go” approach for long trips; Share your plans with a trusted person; Rehearse how to restore your phone or email account

Tickets; Concierge services; Plane tickets; On parking the car at the airport; Train tickets; Long term train lockers at main stations; Ferry tickets; Bus tickets; Car Rental; Caravan; Caravan ownership or rental;

Checklists; Some standards checklists; Clothes; Toiletries; On the Carry On Bag or Backpack; Save the checklists

Budgeting: On Levels of Budgets, A rule of thumb for prices; On Transit; About your bags security; The carry-on bag is your trip; Packing; Locks on air plane suitcases; Travelling by Plane; Dealing with delays: lounges; Blood cloths; Babies and children; Travelling by Train; Multiples Trains’ benefits; Travelling by Car; Cars: are they good or bad?; Travelling by Ferry; Avoiding Sea sickness; All inclusive Ferries; Travelling by Bus; Entertainment on transit; Dealing with emergencies;

At Destination: Safety; Gauging Safety; Knowing you way back; Ask locals; Be cautious, cross-check; Money; Credit and Debit cards commissions abroad; Revolut, Monzo, N26, Wise, etc.; Moving around; Balancing Exploration and Resting; Excursions; Carrying IDs; Meeting new people; On using travel guide books; On power plugs travel adapters and using electrical devices abroad; All Inclusive resorts

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Travelling Expert

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